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Facial Plastic Surgery

Eyebrow Lift

Have you noticed that your eyes look dull and sad? A bad position of the eyebrows and droopy eyelids may be the cause. The position of the eyebrows is an integral aesthetic part of the upper third of the face and the overall appearance of a person.


Excess upper eyelid skin can develop over time, which may be accompanied by excess bags. This makes the eyes look sad and tired.

Lip Lift

A lip lift elevates the upper lip through an advancement flap performed under locoregional anesthesia. It is aimed to correct the elongation of the upper lip by reducing the height of the philtrum, to increase the visible vermilion, as well as to achieve an adequate amount of dental exposure when the lip is at rest.


It is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia and oral sedation in which the excess skin hanging over the eyes is removed. The scars remain hidden, and patients recover rapidly.

To obtain appropriate facial aesthetic results in the eye area, the position of the eyebrow must be assessed. Then, we combine treatments and use minimally invasive techniques to lift the eyebrow and keep it in its correct position.

Patients have to rest for 2 or 3 days and then they can go back to normal, always being careful and wearing sunglasses. It is important to protect the eyes with the eye drops recommended during the consultation, as well as to apply a special ointment on the wounds. After 7 days, the stitches are removed and patients can return to their routine But they must care for the wounds properly and moisturize the eyes.

Rejuvenate your face, remove years of damage from your skin, and take a step towards a fresh look.

Eyebrow Lift

Many patients tell me that their eyes look tired and that there is too much skin on their upper eyelids, making them heavier and droopy. In other cases, they feel that they look sleepless and bad 😱 🤓😱 This is indeed a way to describe the ageing process of our eyes or their constitution.

As we age, the eyelid skin becomes laxer and starts losing its elastic properties. Moreover, when we get less young 😍😍, the ligaments holding the eyebrow tail weaken and drop.

Excess eyelid skin together with the drop of the eyebrow tail are the reasons why the eyes look sad, tired, and droopy.

How can it be solved? How can it be improved? The answer is a combination of a crescent eyebrow lift and an upper blepharoplasty. This procedure opens the eyes naturally and makes patients look good, just as they want.

Lip Lift

The perioral and periorbital areas play a very important role in the emotional expression of the face. Consequently, ageing in these areas has a big impact. A lip lift shortens the distance between the nasal base and the vermilion border, which makes the face more harmonious and the lips more attractive.

A lip lift can make a big difference to your face with a single, small procedure. This technique makes the patient’s appearance more youthful and sensual by shortening the perceived height of the midface.

Incisions must always be moisturized with an ointment during the first weeks. Sutures are normally removed after the third day. Patients should know that swelling may seem extreme during the first days and that it usually takes 3 months for the appearance of the lip to go back to normal.

This technique can be combined with a corner lift and lip filler if needed.


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Age, exposure to the sun, environmental and even genetic factors deteriorate and damage the appearance of your skin, causing a loss of elasticity and favouring the onset of wrinkles. To fix it, the Aesthetic Dermatology Aesthetic Dermatology removes any marks that these factors may have left on your skin, while also preventing their recurrence.

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